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UNITED SEAMEN’S SERVICE: United Seamen’s Service (USS) Yokohama, Japan

USS Yokohama Japan
Money Exchange Services at USS Yokohama, Japan

Each one of our USS centers is a “home away from home” to seafarers across the globe.

United Seamen’s Service meets the needs of seafarers through its six port community centers worldwide. These centers provide programs specially tailored to create a safe haven for seafarers.

Here, off-duty seafarers can relax and attend to their many concrete personal needs. In addition, the USS center director acts as an advisor, providing supportive counseling, information and referrals to the seafarer in crisis. Outreach is also offered through programs such as ship, hospital, and detention visiting.

Center hospitality is not limited solely to seafarers. The portside community, U.S. government and military personnel, and their families are welcome. Through this all-encompassing approach, USS addresses the concerns of the entire port community and reinforces the dignity and value of seafarers throughout the world.

Each center serves as a key element in the USS mission – promoting the welfare of American seafarers and their dependents; seafarers of all nations; U.S. government, military, and civilian personnel; and other persons engaged in the maritime industry.

United Seamen’s Service (USS) Yokohama, Japan

United Seamen’s Service operates a seafarer’s center in Yokohama, Japan which is open 365 days per year to support seafarers transiting the busy port of Yokohama. USS Yokohama serves American seafarers crewing U.S. Flag ships and international seafarers from foreign flag vessels transiting the port as well as the local port community.

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