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INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC.: South Sudanese Mother Receives Nutrition Education

Abuk Deng, 30, is the mother of 5, including Nyirou, 4, who has benefitted from IRC’s nutrition programming. Nyriou became unwell with a fever and was vomiting and had diarrhea. Abuk took her to the clinic where the treatment of medicine and plumpynut helped. Abuk also learned the basics of how to wash her and her baby’s hands properly, as well as how to feed the baby hygienically. None of Abuk’s other children had fallen sick but because of hard times her youngest, Nyirou became malnourished.

Flooding forced Abuk out of her home where she owns two plots of land. She says she was staying in a house which let in a lot of rain and the only thing she could hope for was the rain to stop. She had nothing to rely on for food or livelihood. The floods came suddenly and destroyed everything including the crops she relied on. Even the crops they were able to salvage rotted quickly. When the flood came Abuk quickly got up and covered the baby, the water was coming through the floor as well as the roof. Abuk says this year and last year the flooding has been really bad and every year things are disastrous, “Even if someone cultivates something, the crops may grow but are then destroyed.”

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