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Helen Manson

Grace was born with no legs and just one arm. “My relatives thought I was cursed,” she explains. “They told my mother to stop breastfeeding me so that I would starve to death. As I got older, I realized I was different when the other children would laugh and make fun of me.”

When she was 4, Grace was sent to live in Uganda with her mother’s friend, Betty, to protect her from threatening family members. “Betty made me feel loved and she registered me in Compassion’s program. My life changed when the staff there welcomed me and saw my abilities instead of my disability. They provided me with a wheel chair and I was able to get around on my own for the first time.”

As Grace built a relationship with God, she began to feel differently about herself. “I learned that I am not a mistake, that I have a purpose and a contribution to make, and that God gives us all value,” she says.

Now 18, Grace plans to become a journalist and work in radio. “Compassion helped me to replace self-pity with self-esteem,” she says. “Now I believe in myself and I’m confident I can reach my goals.”

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