Programmatic Themes

Global Impact’s charity partners focus on the most pressing issues affecting people in need in the developing world. We partner with more than 100 organizations that are addressing these areas and actively working to establish change.

Programmatic Themes:

Disaster Relief

Countering disaster requires a coordinated and immediate response to deploy the most aid to the most victims. Global Impact and its partners provide aid in the form of shelter, food, water, funds, medical care and supplies, ensuring life-saving intervention that relieves and rebuilds families, communities and economies.

Economic Development

Poverty lies at the heart of mankind’s worst dilemmas including hunger, infant and childhood mortality, violence, social injustice and ecological destruction. Global Impact and its partners combat poverty and bring hope through training and finance initiatives that give populations in need the tools to help themselves.


Education is the great equalizer. For every year a child stays in school, his or her future earning potential increases 15 to 25 percent. Global Impact and its partners give access to safe schools, trained teachers, textbooks, supplies and tuition fees, helping to break the cruel cycle of poverty.

Environmental Sustainability

More than 1.3 billion people live on depleted and inferior lands. Global Impact and its partners work to achieve sustainability through programs that address mitigating pollution, improving small-scale agriculture and much more. Resource management by these partners helps feed the world long-term through initiatives targeting agriculture, manufacturing, industry, households and individuals.

Food and Water

An advancing global food crisis and persistent shortages of safe drinking water affect billions around the world and kill millions annually. Malnutrition stunts growth, causes blindness and is the single greatest contributor to child mortality. Global Impact and its partners help address these problems through worldwide networks that deliver emergency rations, clean water and provide the means for self-sufficiency.

Health and Nutrition

Disease, hunger and unsafe drinking water claim countless lives that could be saved. More than one billion people around the world are living in extreme conditions without access to the most basic medical care, essential vaccines, lifesaving drugs and clean water. Global Impact and its partners deliver relief every day in the form of health care, sanitation, education and emergency services.

Women and Children

Global poverty has decreased over the last three decades, yet the percentage of women living in poverty continues to rise. Sixty-six percent of women are illiterate. When mothers lack the means to thrive, their children suffer as well. Global Impact and its partners recognize the role of women and children in healthy economies and communities; they deploy combined resources to feed, educate and mentor the world’s families.