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Philanthropic Solutions

For Charities For Corporations

With nearly 60 years of experience collaborating with corporations and charities, Global Impact is the trusted partner for philanthropic solutions. We provide fully integrated solutions designed to meet the specific philanthropic needs of businesses and charities. Today, Global Impact partnerships work in every corner of the world, meeting specific goals through programs such as delivering safe drinking water, food, shelter, education, health care, job training and disaster relief.

Global Impact offers solutions to make growing global philanthropy sustainable for corporations and charities alike: 

Partner Solutions 

One of our core functions is providing advisory and secretariat services to meet the specific needs of our clients. For corporations, we create strategies to develop corporate social responsibility programs, build alliances and partnerships, and engage employees. For nonprofits, we help diversify revenue sources and assist with strategic planning, development and other functions.

Campaign Solutions

Global Impact offers a variety of proven solutions for corporations, as well as charities and NGOs. These services range from designing and implementing workplace giving campaigns to managing campaigns and creating signature funds. 

Program Support Solutions

Global Impact offers back-end, technical and administrative help in a broad variety of areas, including providing fiscal agency, distribution and fiduciary services, assisting with restricted and donor-advised funds, and implementing various technology solutions.