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Advisory Services

Secretariat Services

Global Impact serves as the secretariat for the following global development organizations: IMPACT 2030, Global Health Council and the Hilton Prize Coalition.

IMPACT 2030 is the only business led effort designed to marshal the power of human capital investments to address the Global Goals - and the first time that companies will unite their corporate volunteering efforts to address the UN Development Agenda through collaboration.

Global Health Council is a membership alliance dedicated to saving lives and improving the health of the two billion people living on less than $2 per day. The organization is the collaborative voice of the global health community on global health issues; it convenes stakeholders around key global health priorities and actively engages key decision makers to influence health policy.  

The Hilton Prize Coalition explores and evaluates models of how best to explore, design, organize and implement high impact initiatives that can leverage the rich base of talent, assets, experience and insight from its growing membership.

Global Impact is proud to offer custom support services and resources to organizations and coalitions.

Board Services

  • Providing secretarial support to the board, its committees and working groups
  • Leading the development of the strategic plan for the board
  • Representing the organization externally, in consultation with the board chair
  • Supporting executive committee, board meetings and elections

Operational Services

  • Developing and executing fundraising and marketing strategies with the board’s approval
  • Proposing and implementing the annual budget and work plan
  • Delivering agreed services to members, partners and other stakeholders as directed by the board
  • Managing external vendors, partners and strategic alliances
  • Leading all financial management, including audits, banking, invoicing and reporting
  • Managing calendar and contracts
  • Documenting policies and procedures

Membership Services

  • Developing and executing membership application and dues process
  • Leading the development of membership communications process
  • Managing databases, websites, email systems, social media and other digital tools