The UN Sustainable Development Goals: An Overview

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The SDGs were implemented during the September 2015 UN General Assembly. They follow the Millennium Development Goals which are the UN’s priority development agenda items from 2000-2015. As such, the SDGs represent a general consensus of the most critical international development issues of our time. Many organizations are already catching onto this trend by making plans to incorporate the UN's global development agenda into their strategies.

Global Impact is prepared to help current and new clients through their decision making process on how to engage their organizations with the SDGs, as well as help them think through and link nonprofit fundraising and corporate philanthropic, CSR, and employee engagement activities to the goals.

We are prepared to accomplish this via providing reliable and authoritative philanthropic information for charities and the private sector’s needs surrounding the SDGs, and by providing advice, recommendations, and tools for our clients (corporate and charity) to help them conceive, design, implement, and manage effective and efficient philanthropic programs associated with the SDGs.

Achieving the Global Goals by Investing in Multi-stakeholder Partnerships
Scott Jackson, President & CEO, Global Impact

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