WATERAID: From Nicaragua to Zambia, your support is making waves

Abigail washes her hands at the Simango School in Zambia

Clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene are basic human rights. Together, we've already reached millions of people with these three essentials, enabling entire communities to unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good.

Meet Angela Rosales and the students at Simango school to learn more about your impact.

Angela Rosales, 38, lives in Kasquita with her husband and five children. Located in the rolling hills of central Nicaragua, the village can only be accessed by four-wheel drive. Until recently, Angela's only way to get water was through a source located 1.2 miles away.

"The water would sometimes come with a light brown color. It caused us stomach pains and the children got sick many times."

With your support, the women and men of Kasquita recently completed a gravity-fed system that will bring clean water and health for years to come.

"We dedicated our time and effort so that this project could become a reality and in the span of nine months the project was finished." Now, each of the village's 84 households has its own tap stand in the back yard.

"My children tell me, 'Mom, this water is good, I like it a lot!' Our water is no longer dirty. I know now that the children are not going to have diarrhea problems or stomach pains. They will be healthy."

The students at Simango school in Zambia also struggled to find clean water. Imagine a day at school without clean water - this was their reality until recently.

"In the past we didn’t have water," one student recalls. "it was difficult to have clean toilets, to wash our hands or to drink."

For many years, students had to fetch water from the dry and sandy riverbed of a nearby stream. The water was shared with animals and made the children sick.

Last year, thanks to the ongoing support of people like you, Simango school was transformed with the arrival of clean water.

With your help, local engineers dug a borehole and laid a network of pipes, bringing clean water to over 800 students and their teachers.

Xaviar Mwiinga, deputy school manager, says, "We are very happy! Right now we can feel the water. It has brought a lot of good hygiene in the school." Abigail Mbaimbai says, "We will no longer suffer stomach pains as a result of drinking contaminated water. I am very happy."

With your support, we can bring clean water to more communities like Kasquita and schools like Simango.

Photo Credit: 
WaterAid/ Chileshe Chanda