WATERAID: Meet Maggie--making history in Vimphere

Maggie draws water from the new pump in VImphere, Malawi

When moving to Vimphere 11 years ago, Maggie struggled to access safe and clean water. Water scarcity caused
health problems that kept children away from school and men and women away from their businesses. Not only did
women and girls spend hours collecting and waiting for water, but members of the village, including Maggie, were
often sick with dysentery and diarrhea because the water was unsafe to drink.

Thanks to your support, Vimphere now counts on a new borehole and water pump. Women and girls like Maggie are
freed from the drudgery of collecting unsafe water and can now reclaim their time. With water, healthier futures are
ahead for everyone in Vimphere. Children can attend and stay in school, women are freed of the time and energy
spent collecting water and businesses can thrive. You’ve helped unlock their potential to bring long-lasting social
and economic transformation to the community.

When asked how the new borehole would change lives, her face lit up as she smiled with joy: “We are very thankful for your assistance. You have brought us freedom where we now wake up in the morning as other normal people do.”

What is a borehole? A borehole involves a deep drilling process to reach a reliable and safe source of flowing water. Once the hole is drilled and cased properly, a hand pump system can be installed at ground level for easy and sanitary access to the water source.

The borehole in Vimphere allows members of the community to access safe and clean water at a moment’s notice!
With your support, you have not only brought safe and clean water to Vimphere–you have unlocked potential for
long-lasting change. For the people of Vimphere, water is just the beginning...

Photo Credit: 
WaterAid/ Dennis Lupenga