SHELTERBOX USA: ShelterBox Provides Tools for Recovery in Haiti

ShelterBox Response in Haiti

ShelterBox deployed to Haiti following the destruction of Hurricane Matthew. This deployment provided 3,000 total families with ShelterKits and other non-food items such as water carriers, water filters, mosquito nets and solar lights.

Altenor Gabrielle’s home is in Merci Boujourli Two, a rural village outside Les Cayes. Here, she lives with 8 children, the youngest of which is 5 years old. She was in her house when the storm started at around 10:00 pm. By 4:00 am the roof was rattling and the corrugated iron started flying off. Terrified, her family ran from the house, dodging the flying debris and the trees, fighting against the wind in a desperate effort to get to the cover of a neighbor's house that was made from concrete.
The next morning when the storm had subsided, she returned to a scene of utter devastation. Her four-room house had no roof. There were fallen trees and debris from other houses all around. All of her belongings were either missing or destroyed. The storm also flooded her house with two feet of water. Altenor and her family stayed in the neighbor’s house for a couple of nights while she made one room habitable by using corrugated tin that she recovered from other damaged houses. All nine family members slept in the one room.
Upon receiving a ShelterKit, Altenor was able to make the whole structure watertight and use the tools to fix her house and roof. She was particularly fond of the solar lighting as there is no electricity in the area. She expressed her sincere thanks to the volunteers who came to her assistance and the generous donors of ShelterBox.

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