RISE AGAINST HUNGER FORMERLY STOP HUNGER NOW: Increasing small-scale farmers' incomes in the Philippines

Farm to fork in the Philippines

Rise Against Hunger works to increase small-scale farm producer incomes and productivity to help feed a growing population. In the Philippines, it “contract farms” vegetables for the volunteer meal packaging program from small scale indigenous farmers in the upland communities of San Carlos, Negros province through partnership with the Negrense Volunteers for Change. The farmers are both organic and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified; their produce is free from biological, chemical and physical contamination. The farmers grow their own food and excess production is sold by their cooperatives at fair market prices to NVC, which dehydrates the vegetables for Rise Against Hunger. Shavings from the dehydration are provided back to the farmers for fertilizer. The vegetables purchased for Rise Against Hunger meals support supplemental feeding programs in the farmers’ communities, completing the cycle. The program feeds 700 children and their families, has increased 80 community household incomes by 70% and created 15 full-time jobs, boosting the local economy.

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Rise Against Hunger