RISE AGAINST HUNGER FORMERLY STOP HUNGER NOW: Healthy snacks for children in Haiti


One-hundred thousand Haitian children under 5 years of age suffer from acute malnutrition and one in three children is stunted. Proper nutrition better prepares children to learn and grow, supporting opportunity for lifetime self-sufficiency. In 2016 through partnership with Meds & Food for Kids (MFK), Rise Against Hunger began providing Vita Mamba peanut butter paste, a ready-to-use supplementary food, to Haitian children in school feeding programs. This product addresses micronutrient deficiencies in children aged 3-12 by providing a healthy snack when a prepared Rise Against Hunger or other meal is not available. A control trial conducted by an independent research group indicates that Vita Mamba reduces anemia development by 28% and improves body composition with positive health implications among Haitian children. Produced by MFK with peanuts from Haitian farmers, it also has positive economic implications. Rise Against Hunger plans to expand the program to reach 3,088 students in 2017 if funding is secured.

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Rise Against Hunger