HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: I see great things

My name is Angel Meza. I’m a Habitat homeowner.
Having four kids and trying to find a decent, affordable place to
live is extremely difficult. It’s probably one of the hardest tasks
as a single parent — to find a location that is big enough, that
you can afford and that is safe.

As the kids were getting older, being a homeowner was always
that ultimate goal. We’re really good about checking off our goal list, but it was that one goal that
kept getting pushed off — “maybe next year, maybe next year.”
My family and I, we believe in giving back to the community. It’s one of our best pastimes as a
family, and we love it. A couple years ago, we were looking into new volunteer opportunities, and
we found Habitat for Humanity. After a few weeks out on the construction site and getting a real
feel for what Habitat was, I thought to myself, “I think we actually might qualify for this program.”
With Habitat, right away, they ask you a lot of questions of where you are at that moment. The
whole process is making sure that you’re ready for homeownership. I was really grateful that they
were able to help me understand the whole process. What is a credit score? What can you do to
save money? Where can you cut back? What are the necessities? I felt like it went from the
unknown to the known. The wisdom of, “I get it, I know exactly what it’s going to take to be a

My neighbors, we went through the Habitat process together. We went through the same
struggles. We all have the same goals and the same dreams for our family. To me, I feel it’s like
that small little village. We know each other so well. I don’t think you can really get that feeling any
other place except for Habitat for Humanity.