PROJECT HOPE: Health Education

A woman receives health education in Indonesia.

Project HOPE has a long history of helping the people of Indonesia, beginning in 1960 when the maiden voyage of the SS HOPE brought care and health education to the country. Over the years, Project HOPE programs in Indonesia have focused on medical professional training and the health of women and children. Some notable past HOPE programs in Indonesia have included a pediatric critical care/intensive care nursing certification program in 1986, a midwives and physicians training program in 1989 and a formal biomedical engineering training program in Bali started in the late 1990’s. When Indonesia was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami in late 2004, HOPE responded by sending more than 200 medical volunteers with the U.S. Navy on a humanitarian mission to help in the aftermath and donating more than $7 million in medical supplies and medicines. In 2006, when an earthquake hit the Central Java region, HOPE responded with a mobile health caravan traveling to remote areas that did not have access to medical care. Our current efforts in Indonesia focus on improving the health of women and children. Through HealthWorks, a collaboration of Project HOPE and Indonesian Health Care Clinics, we are providing health education and services to women working in garment factories. Our Saving Lives at Birth program is improving access to and quality of obstetrical care for women in the Serang District.

Photo Credit: Project HOPE