PLANET AID INC: Teacher Training in Food for Knowledge.

Teacher Training in Food for Knowledge.

The Food for Knowledge project is a comprehensive school feeding, nutrition, and education initiative in Mozambique funded by the Department of Agriculture under the McGovern-Dole Food for Education Program.. One of the components of the project involves training primary school teachers so as to improve the quality of elementary education and strengthen literacy.
Beyond Mozambique, Planet Aid support the training of new primary school teachers in 4 other countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The colleges work in conjunction with their respective governments to produce effective, innovative educators who create exciting educational environments and inspire pupils to stay in school. Their work creates a foundation for long-term learning in the classroom as well as the community. In addition to a strong foundation in pedagogy, the student teachers learn how to lead local development initiatives that may range from improving sanitation facilities to conducting adult literacy lessons. All of the supported colleges use the well-established DNS methodology, which reinforces the importance of practical learning, adaptability, and self-reliance.

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ADPP Mozambique