PLANET AID: The Digital Classroom Project

Planet Aid supports children in Northern India through the Step-up Centers operated by Humana People to People India. These centers provide access to education for underprivileged and poor children who have never attended formal schooling. The Centers also actively work to mobilize local communities to understand the importance of education and assist children in enrolling in mainstream schools.
The program is based on an innovative progressive step system, allowing students to build upon their existing capacities.
As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, the need of being ‘digitally literate’ becomes increasingly crucial. To address this pressing need, Humana People to People India and Microsoft have collaborated to provide digital education to 1,750 out-of-school children at 12 locations across Gurugram, Mewat and Panipat districts of Haryana.
Besides providing the students with new skills, the project also aims to strengthen student engagement and levels of retention in the Step-up Centres, because of increased interest in coming to school. Ultimately, the enhanced digital skills will serve to give the students a better chance at succeeding in the contemporary society.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education in India, HPP India currently operates Step-Up Centers that reach 14,500 children, through more than 500 centers in four states.