A New, Affordable Employee and Donor Giving Tool

Growfund, built by Global Impact, is the first ever Donor-Advised Fund for every person that is theirs to keep, which includes a money market savings account and investment options. Donors can start an account for free and their contributions are tax deductible immediately. Growfund operates like 401(k) or a personal foundation, with funds able to be invested (starting with the first $1) and grow over time so that donors can make a difference in the biggest possible way. An employer can match, make one-time contributions, and the account stays with the employee for life. In this way, companies can expand and promote their philanthropic footprint, strengthen employee engagement programs, and create generations of engaged and strategic charitable giving from their employees, all at a low capital and labor cost for set-up maintenance and program management.

Learn more on www.mygrowfund.org