World Water Day 2017

Today is World Water Day - this year’s theme is “Why wastewater?”
World Water Day is recognized annually on March 22 as an opportunity to create international awareness and to take action to help solve the global water crisis. 
This year’s theme, “Why wastewater?,” focuses on the massive amount of wastewater that is cycled back into nature without being treated or reused. This wastewater not only pollutes the environment, but it also ensures that nutrients in the water are lost.
This water can be treated and reused for everything from personal gardens to irrigation on farms and, in some areas, cooling systems. Recycling wastewater in this way can help communities become more sustainable, reduce pollution and help us move toward Sustainable Development Goal #6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
Learn more about World Water Day and what people are doing to take action. Support this cause directly through our Clean Water High Impact Fund.