World Toilet Day 2016

How does sanitation (or the lack of it) affect people’s livelihoods? It has a bigger impact than you may think. Today we recognize World Toilet Day and address the role toilets play in our economy and health with the theme “Toilets and Jobs.” 
Poor sanitation and hygiene can negatively affect work productivity and cause health complications. For example, disease transmission alone accounts for about 17 percent of workplace deaths each year.
Improving sanitation not only increases worker health and productivity, but also creates more jobs –helping the economy and leading to an overall better way of life above and beyond individual health. 
Learn more about how sanitation and jobs are connected, or check out WaterAid’s WTD page to find out what they’re doing for this observance (and to listen to their WTD music playlist).
You can also help this cause directly through our Clean Water High Impact Fund