Tips & Tricks: Selecting photos for the Charity Alliance Portal

Children playing
It’s time to update your marketing materials in the Charity Alliance Portal (CAP)! Visual materials like photographs are essential to effective marketing. But when you select the materials you want to showcase, do you ever ask yourself what makes a good photo? 
When selecting photos to upload in CAP, keep these tips in mind to ensure that we’re able to create the most compelling marketing materials as possible:
  • Show happiness. People respond well to positive messaging and are more likely to pay attention to content associated with happiness. This is also a good way to showcase success in your programs.
  • Tell a story – especially yours. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so it’s a good idea to include a photo with your story. For example, each Friday we showcase great photos from that week’s featured charity – and we love to tell people a little bit about the image! This is an opportunity to showcase a charity’s program or work in a specific region.
  • Show action and engagement. What is the subject of the photo doing? Are they playing with their children? Collecting water? Being active in their communities? Are they looking at the camera? These things can all help show the viewer that the subject is a real person, with their own family and experiences, removing the disconnect some donors feel between themselves and the causes they support. It makes the impact of a charity’s work and a donor’s support more tangible. Eye contact and facial expression help create a connection, while action assists in telling the story and leads people to want to learn more.
  • Keep things relevant. Tie your photos to a particular cause you support or an observance day you are active around. This also gives an opportunity for more creative sharing via social media because there will likely be hashtags to incorporate, as well. Check out our list of international observance days to figure out where to start.
  • Vibrant colors. People see photos in print and online everywhere, across social media feeds, websites, magazines, PDFs and more. That’s why color is important. Vibrant colors can make photos more eye-catching and lively – they’ll pop off the page or screen, increasing the likelihood that people will stop to take a second look.
  • High quality. Ensure that the photos you upload to CAP are high enough quality to be flexible for potential marketing projects. Photos that are small or have a low pixel per inch (PPI) ratio can show up washed out, pixelated, blurred or otherwise low quality. Larger photos with a high PPI are more flexible and can be used in graphics, marketing materials, website banners and more with ease.
We hope this short guide will help you as you go to select your photos to upload to CAP. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Relationship Manager.

This article first appeared in Global Impact's April 2019 charity newsletter.