Tips and tricks: making the most of your Charity of the Week feature

Charity of the Week one-pager
Every week, Global Impact features one charity partner as part of a Charity of the Week promotion. The selected charity is given a spotlight on our website and Benevity page with regularly posted content on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn pages throughout the week. Here are some ways to make the most of your feature week while maximizing your coverage:
Upload your highest quality photos, videos and success stories to the Charity Alliance Portal (CAP). Eye-catching photos, well-executed videos and impactful success stories are the best way to draw an audience. We recommend sending your best materials so that a viewer will be more driven to seek out more content and learn more about your charity. 
Focus your content for the week on a specific campaign or cause. While we often use what’s provided on the Charity Alliance Portal (CAP), selected charities have the option of sending additional materials if they’d prefer to highlight something else. Many charities take this opportunity to draw more notice to specific campaigns, international days or other activities. Have a big event scheduled? Want to boost awareness during a particular international day? Have an annual campaign approaching? Some charities even prefer to write their own social media content for us to use. Take this chance to tailor the materials you want to spotlight.
Promote and share! Send out an announcement about your feature via email or newsletter. Post on your website and social media, and share and retweet what we post each day during your featured week. Reach out to your workplace donors in particular, especially those giving through Benevity. Encourage friends, family and coworkers who see the posts to like and share them on social media.
Utilize our Charity of the Week one-pager. We put together a document to help you navigate Charity of the Week so that you can make the most of this opportunity. The one-pager has everything from a breakdown of the feature’s coverage, ideas for content, post examples and more! This resource is available in the Resource section on CAP.
Ask questions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Relationship Manager. We are here to help make sure you have the best experience possible.
Thank you for your partnership with Global Impact!

This article is part of the January 2019 issue of Global Impact's charity enewsletter.