Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Thousands of Rohingya are fleeing the northern Rakine province of Myanmar to escape escalating violence and persecution in what the U.N. is calling “the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis.” Since August 2017, it’s estimated that more than half a million Rohingya have escaped over the border into Bangladesh. In just one month, at least 6,700 were killed, including 730 children under five years old.

The Rohingya are an ethnic minority not recognized by the Myanmar government as a people. Considered illegal immigrants, they have long faced persecution and have been steadily fleeing Myanmar as a result for several years. About 307,500 Rohingyas were living in camps prior to August 2017, when the violence suddenly escalated. Since then, that number has jumped by more than 655,000.

Survivors have reported witnessing huge human rights violations, including the burning of entire villages to the ground and the rape and brutalization of women and girls. Refugee camps are overwhelmed, resources are stretched thin and thousands of people are in need of help.

Our charity partners are working to provide clean water, food, shelter, medical services, psychosocial support and more to Rohningya refugees.

Responding organizations include:

American Jewish World Service

Direct Relief
Humanity & Inclusion
Human Rights Watch
International Rescue Committee, Inc.
Medical Teams International
MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station)
Oxfam America
Save the Children
World Vision

Contact Brittany Mattfeld if you are interested in launching a fund to help support Rohingya refugees as they flee violence in Myanmar.

Photo credit: World Vision