Podcasts for Good: reaching a millennial workforce

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In 2017, the Washington State Combined Fund Drive (CFD), Washington’s state-level campaign, welcomed a wave of millennial employees. In order to meet changing demographics, the CFD reached out to its new employees to see how they could best support them in the campaign.
They found that not only was the number of participating charities overwhelming, but there was a push to develop a new, more creative way to hear from those charities. This is what led the CFD to create Podcasts for Good.
Podcasts for Good
In Podcasts for Good, CFD employees Philip Kerrigan and Heather Lucas interview member charities on the various issues that their organizations are working on.
The podcast is released every two weeks and features interviews with two charities per session. At 40 minutes, the podcast starts with casual chatting before moving into separate, back-to-back interviews, then concludes with final thoughts and upcoming CFD events.
Positive results
Over the last year, Podcasts for Good has recorded over 40 podcasts, in addition to 10 others that are part of another podcast series. 
The unprecedented growth of the podcasts has been steady and consistent, and feedback among employees has been very positive. In 2017, the CFD had almost 17,000 donors and raised $5.4 million in pledges – an increase of almost 700 donors and more than $100,000 in pledges from 2016. They attribute their success to their innovative approaches to giving and reaching their donors. 
Setting up a podcast
Setting up a podcast sounds daunting, but Kerrigan shared his surprise at the ease of starting and maintaining one. You just need:
  • A laptop
  • Podcast microphones (cost-effective and available online)
  • A 4-track recording device that allows you to download the recording 
  • An online web hosting service set up so that the podcast feeds into iTunes or a similar platform after the recording is complete 
This is just one example of a creative way to reach out and engage a large workforce, but there are many other innovative ideas to help ramp up employee engagement. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.
You can listen to Podcasts for Good on the CFD website.

This article first appeared in Global Impact's October 2018 Campaign newsletter.