International Day for Street Children 2017

Today is International Day for Street Children.
Each year, this observance provides an opportunity to generate support for the millions of children worldwide who are living on the streets. These children do not have access to many things, including food, water, shelter, protection and education. This year, however, the observance is particularly significant.
In 2017, the United Nations will publish the General Comment on children in street situations. This is a set of guidelines that will give governments around the world the information they need to make sure that street children’s rights, as laid out in the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Street Children, are recognized. 
This is the first guidance piece that the U.N. will publish for street children. So on this International Day for Street Children, show your support for the General Comment and for the upholding of the rights of street children everywhere.
Learn more about the General Comment and what you can do to help street children worldwide.