International Day of Charity 2017

Today is International Day of Charity.
Each year on Sept. 5, the anniversary of the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa of Calcutta, we take a moment to recognize the efforts of charities worldwide and the role that charity plays in alleviating crisis and human suffering.
Mother Teresa, who passed away in 1997 at age 87, was a nun and missionary who made it her mission to alleviate poverty first in India, and then in other countries. For 45 years, she worked to help the poor, sick, orphaned and dying. She also founded the order of Missionaries of Charity in Kolkota (Calcutta) in 1950.
This International Day of Charity, support causes that matter to you. Learn more about this observance and Mother Teresa’s work, or give through our Education or Global Health and Child Survival High Impact funds.