Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey - World Vision / Scott Olsen / Getty ImagesHurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a category 4 storm on Friday, Aug. 25. Over the next several days, wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour and record-breaking rainfall led to severe flooding and power outages, particularly in southeast Texas. 39,000 people were left seeking temporary shelter, and many were left stranded in their homes. Harvey also caused heavy flooding in surrounding areas, including Louisiana.
The hurricane caused at least 88 deaths and resulted in $125 billion worth of damage. Efforts to rebuild are well underway, but it could take years to completely recover from Hurricane Harvey’s impact. Our charity partners are working to support recovery efforts in affected areas. 
Please donate to Global Impact’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to provide much-needed funding for these relief efforts.
Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
Responding organizations include:
Donations to this fund will support some or all of these charities. DONATE NOW to help those suffering from Hurricane Harvey.
If you are interested in exploring how your company can engage with the relief effort through volunteer opportunities, please contact [email protected] or your local regional director. 
Photo Credit: World Vision / Scott Olsen / Getty Images
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