RECAP: A conversation on how local giving has global impact

At this moment in time, it is especially important to have meaningful conversations about our local and individual impact on the world. Global Impact, as a leader in growing global philanthropy, took the opportunity to do just that during our Do More 24 celebration, a local giving day for those in the Washington, D.C., area. On June 7, our charity partners came together to discuss how individual giving can change the world.
Featuring four partners based in Washington, D.C. – Women for Women International, WaterAid America, Free the Slaves and Health Volunteer Overseas – we learned how each organization is having an enormous impact on the world. It was apparent how the interconnectedness of these causes amplifies the impact of each individual contribution. An investment in clean water means safety and empowerment for women. Every dollar put toward sanitation has an average return of $4 in increased productivity for women and girls. Teaching and training health care workers strengthens an entire country’s health system and economy, as well as that of the local communities. 
The panelists also shared ways to engage with these causes beyond giving, including volunteering, being a responsible consumer, understanding your slavery footprint and advocating for important issues. Follow along with conversation and see how individuals like you can make a difference by connecting to causes they care about.