How photos create a personal connection to employee giving

Children playing
From videos and speaking opportunities to trainings and simulations, there are a variety of interesting and engaging ways to involve your employees in workplace giving and help them feel connected to your company’s philanthropic endeavors. However, there’s another, more efficient way to form that connection that often goes overlooked – photographs.
Many charities have collections of photos to help communicate their efforts and tell the stories of the people and communities they’ve helped. These are great resources that your company could utilize with your internal campaigns, and possibly even extend to your external content.
How do you use photos?
Photos can be used in a variety of print and digital media, so don’t be afraid to get creative! You can use them in social media posts and website banners, visuals in your annual report, posters around the office, desk drop cards and more. Pull in your marketing department and see what other suggestions they might have. Utilize Global Impact to identify engaging content and create a custom content package that can be used to support your communications plan. Just be sure to follow any preferences around photo use that the charity you've partnered with might have and include citation.
Here are several things we recommend keeping in mind when selecting photos for your campaign:
  1. Show happiness. People respond well to positive messaging and are more likely to pay attention to content associated with happiness. This is also a good way to showcase the charity’s success.
  2. Tell a story – especially yours. Every photo can tell a different story, including one that may be personal to you. Add a caption that tells the story behind the photo and don't be afraid to add in why this story is important to you or your company's values. This can open up an avenue for storytelling among your employees.
  3. Show action and engagement. What is the subject of the photo doing? Are they playing with their children? Collecting water? Are they looking at the camera? An image that shows action and engagement portrays the subject as a real person. This makes the impact of a charity’s work and a donor’s support more tangible and will draw your employees in to want to know more about this person and their life. 
  4. Keep things relevant. Tie the photos to a particular cause, campaign or observance day that your company is promoting. This also gives an opportunity for more creative sharing via social media, as there are usually hashtags that can be incorporated into content to engage your company’s followers. Check out our list of international observance days to figure out where to start.
  5. Use vibrant colors. In an age where we are constantly digesting content, it’s imperative to make your company’s stand out. One way to do that is through color. Vibrancy can make photos more eye-catching and lively, and people are more likely to stop and take a second look. 
  6. Ensure high quality. Pick photos that are a high enough quality to be flexible for the projects you have in mind. Photos that are small or have a low pixel per inch (PPI) ratio can show up washed out, pixelated, blurred or otherwise low quality. Larger photos with a high PPI are more flexible and can be used in graphics, marketing materials, website banners and more with ease. 
Photographs give you the opportunity to be more creative with your company’s campaign – take this chance to think outside the box. Creating a fun, unique campaign will go a long way to interest your employees. If you have any questions or would like help brainstorming, reach out to [email protected].  
Photo credit: Compassion International

This article first appeared in Global Impact's April 2019 campaign newsletter.