How to improve inclusivity in the workplace

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The workplace continues to evolve, and now more offices have an increasingly diverse staff. With this shifting dynamic, how do you ensure that everyone is treated equally, stays involved and continues to feel like a valuable part of the company? Here are some solutions from a couple of our charity partners:
With the influx of millennials and the beginnings of Generation Z trickling into the workplace alongside the long-established Generation X and baby boomers, more and more companies have diverse, multigenerational teams working on projects together. The mix has great potential – by working together, employees could use their different experiences and points of view to create unique solutions and products. However, there is also a risk that employees may feel isolated and unable to connect to their coworkers, making it difficult for collaboration and understanding.
HelpAge has developed an Age Inclusion Workshop to help bring employees together through organizational structures and behaviors that support greater inclusion and participation in the workplace. Whether your team is newly formed or is established and comfortable with one another, they will benefit from this workshop by reinforcing mutual understanding and camaraderie and opening channels of communication. Each workshop is about an hour and a half to two hours long. Have more time to fill for training opportunities? Consider adding 30-60 minutes onto the end of the workshop to lead a discussion with attendees.   
ICRW Advisors
Gender equality in the workplace is a prevalent issue that many companies are looking to address. Not only are gender-equal work practices the right thing to do, but studies have shown that they are beneficial to workplaces, as well. All evidence indicates that gender equality increases productivity, enhances growth, reduces risk and puts a positive impact on a company’s brand.
International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)’s Advisors program offers tailored training for corporations looking to bring equality to their workplace. They help companies pinpoint where their gender equality is strong, determine where it needs to be improved and develop goals in order to help measure progress. Then they tailor strategies, initiatives, trainings and workshops to help meet these new goals. With their guidance, you’ll support not only employees and leaders but also women working in supply chains, consumers and community members.
Please contact [email protected] for questions and more information about HelpAge's Age Inclusion Workshop or ICRW Advisors. 

This article first appeared in Global Impact's April 2019 campaign newsletter.