Global Impact book club

Take Me With You cover
Book clubs create a unique opportunity to engage both remote and in-person employees and encourage them to interact with each other, discuss current events and learn more about issues affecting our global community. We invite you to join in our book club by sharing, reading and discussing these books as a group with your employees. 
You can also set up your own book club – Global Impact can help you get started by working with you to select a book from our partner library and providing questions that will help spark conversations among your employees during discussions. We can also organize events and other activities such as:
  • Author participation (readings, Q&As, interviews, signings, etc.)
  • Featured organization presentations to discuss the book and their work
  • Trivia and other games
Let’s kick things off with our very own CEO’s book…
Scott Jackson, President & CEO, Global Impact
Highlighting Scott Jackson’s background while also spotlighting Global Impact partners and how their work connects with the Global Goals, Take Me with You is a moving story that will make you laugh, cry and hopefully inspire people to take action and find the “charity within”— Jackson’s personal philosophy of making a choice to live in a way that improves life for others.
Here are some possible discussion questions:
  1. How have your past experiences influenced your giving?
  2. What cause is most important to you?
  3. After learning about the Global Goals, which is more important to you? Had you ever heard of them before now?
Please contact us to learn more about our book club resources and to discuss how we can help develop an experience specifically for your team.
Remember, Global Impact offers a variety of engagement opportunities that allow corporations to rally an increasingly diverse workforce around the spirit of giving. Other engagement opportunities include interactive learning, kit builds, food packs, collections or drives, and more.