California fires

Direct Relief volunteers loading supplies.
Multiple fires recently raged simultaneously across California, covering thousands of acres of ground and threating the lives of thousands of people. Hundreds are still missing, and the town of Paradise, California – once home to 27,000 – has been completely leveled. Now, incoming rain has put areas affected by the fire at risk for flooding and mudslides.

Many of our charity partners are responding to the victims of the fires, providing emergency response teams and supplies. If you would like to support those effected, please reach out to Brittany Mattfeld at [email protected]. Here is an update of the four fires currently in California:
Camp Fire/Paradise
The Camp Fire began on Thursday, Nov. 8, in Butte County. The deadliest in California history, it levelled the town of paradise, destroyed almost 14,000 homes and 4,821 other buildings, scorched 153,336 acres of land and killed at least 88 people. 203 people are still missing. The blaze was fully contained on Nov. 25, after burning for 17 straight days.
The Woolsey fire broke out on Thursday, Nov. 8, in the Malibu area of California, destroying more than 1,400 structures and damaging 341. The fire covered more than 96,949 acres and killed three people. It was fully contained as of Nov. 21. Now, the area is bracing for heavy rain and, with hillsides stripped bare by the fire, potential mudslides, flash floods and more.
The Hill Fire began on Thursday, Nov. 8, spread across 4,531 acres of land, and was fully contained as of Nov. 16. Incoming heavy rain has put the area at risk of mudslides, flash floods and more.
The Sierra Fire started on Tuesday, Nov. 13, in Fontana, California. The brush fire covered 150 acres and is now fully contained.
Responding organizations include:
Photo credit: Direct Relief