Bad Neighborhoods: Cyber Danger Lurks for Nonprofits that are Online

By Tim Bloechl, Global Impact board member; director, Cyber Security Business for Quantum Research International
This article originally appeared in the April 1, 2017 edition of The Nonprofit Times.

Cyber-related discussions should always start with current threats and the information technology (IT) industry realities to counter this threat. Leaders of all kinds -- government, business, and nonprofit  -- and those engaged in cyber security face a number of known unknowns on a daily basis including:

  • What is the next major virus, worm, or new threat vector to infect our networks?
  • What is the next significant zero day vulnerability hackers exploit?
  • What is the most dangerous cyber threat to our donors and employees?
  • Which corporation, agency, or industry will experi- ence the next major breach and what are the implica- tions for the rest of us?
While it would take too many pages to address all of these questions, there are immediate, dangerous threats for nonprofits. But first, let’s review IT industry challenges.