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Advisory Services

For Charities

With nearly 60 years of experience collaborating with corporations and charities, Global Impact is the trusted partner for philanthropic solutions.

Global Impact provides fully integrated services designed to meet the specific philanthropic interests and needs of charities. The client’s interests come first, with Global Impact working collaboratively to help identify a value proposition, establish a strategy, set goals, create partnerships, establish a marketing plan and achieve measurable results.

Global Impact partners with many charities to establish corporate offerings and matching gift programs that align with their charitable goals and interests. These provide an effective and efficient way to increase new revenue streams.

Global Impact’s breadth and depth of experience in fundraising, partnerships and corporate philanthropy provide the foundation for helping clients achieve their goals. Today, Global Impact partnerships work in every corner of the world, meeting specific goals through programs such as delivering safe drinking water, food, shelter, education, health care, job training and disaster relief. Services for charities include:

Advisory Services:

  • Strategic Counsel: Value Proposition, Fundraising and Messaging
  • Marketing and Visibility Strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Governance Counsel

Campaign Services:

  • Matching Gift and Specialized Funds/Programs
  • Facilitate Strategic Alliances and Partnership Brokering
  • Campaign Design, Management and Representation
  • Design of Corporate Offerings

Support Services:

  • Prospect Research
  • State Registration Services
  • Technology Solutions
  • Cooperative Advertising Programs

What Global Impact’s Partners Are Saying

“When we needed help with our resource development plan, we turned to Global Impact for advice. Each member of their team has been amazing. And as a whole, they have given so much more than we expected – first-rate analysis of the competitive landscape, sound strategic direction and field-tested ideas. Global Impact has become a full partner, not just consultants.”
— Joan Parker, President and CEO, Counterpart International

“Global Impact has been an excellent partner in helping us refine our strategies, discover our core competencies and pursue new funding streams. Their expertise in nonprofit management and fundraising has helped take our organization to the next level.”
— Dr. Sarah Degnan Kambou, President, International Center for Research on Women