Advisory Services

International Charity Vetting

As a part of its ongoing effort to grow global philanthropy, Global Impact partners with Counterpart International to offer corporate clients a service that improves their selection of non-U.S. based partners. Counterpart International’s proprietary service is designed to support the success of corporate charitable investments by screening non-U.S. based organizations to ensure they do not pose a risk to corporate interests. Combined with Global Impact’s renowned advisory services and charity network, this partnership offers tremendous value to corporations.
Counterpart International has systems and processes it uses to efficiently and effectively vet the integrity of organizations—large and small—around the world. Vetting can help ensure that grant funding does not reach organizations on terrorist, trade control, U.S. Most Wanted, U.S. or U.N. sanctions, or fraud lists. It also provides confidence that grantees are vetted for organizational integrity.   
Global Impact offers these vetting services to our partners and clients on a unit fee basis. Services can include: 
  • Check organization or individual against multiple anti-terrorist lists
  • Check organization or individual against trade control, U.S. Most Wanted, U.S. and U.N. sanctions lists, and fraud lists.
  • Identify legal status of organization (is it registered as a nonprofit or charitable organization?)
  • Conduct follow-up analysis on all positive results and provide analysis for decision making
  • Collect bank account information for money transfers 
  • Review bylaws and other governance documents
  • Confirm “in good standing” with bank of record for past 12 months
  • Review financial and management audits conducted in past 12 months
  • Review of press coverage for past 12 months in country and internationally 
  • Review reported funding sources over last 24 months
  • Ensure no liens or holds on assets in country of registration
  • Confirm existence of physical office
  • Review/confirm program portfolio
  • Check funder references
  • Conduct face-to-face interview with officer of the organization
  • Conduct reputational reference check with programming partners and/or beneficiary representative

For more information contact Kathleen Lowenthal at [email protected] or 703-717-5214.