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Growfund: New Charitable Giving Tool to Democratize Philanthropy

Global Impact believes everyone should have the opportunity to change the world. That’s why we are democratizing philanthropy with Growfund.

Growfund is a community-based, game-changing charitable giving tool that transforms your contributions into a lifetime’s worth of giving for your favorite causes.

You can start an account for free and your contributions are tax deductible. Growfund operates like a 401(k) plan or a personal foundation—your funds can be invested and grown over time so that you can make a more impactful difference. And, it’s yours to keep throughout your lifetime. The product even includes payroll giving and matching gift functionality, making it a turnkey solution for corporations looking to create or expand their employee engagement programs. For nonprofits, Growfund can supplement existing revenue streams and provide access to new donors and unrestricted funding. 

Growfund was created to help people at any income level to support their favorite charities in a smarter way. If you are passionate about a particular cause, you can engage with one of Growfund’s Featured Giving Opportunities—funds that contain several best-in-class organizations working in a particular area, such as human trafficking, education or disaster relief. You can make grants with as little as $25, and even share the changes you are making on social media.

Through Growfund, you can give strategically and with impact—it’s that simple.

Watch to learn more about Growfund


Watch to learn more about Growfund