World Vision’s gift-in-kind program: Turning trash into treasure

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For a number of reasons, companies may regularly find themselves with excess product. Often this is because newer product lines made older models obsolete; however, with the onset of COVID-19, more and more excess product is a result of a slowdown in sales and/or an increase in returns. Regardless of the reason, the fact remains […]

Solving global challenges: A case study of innovation in nonprofits

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Global problems require innovative solutions. Ending poverty, improving global health, addressing climate change and more – these defining challenges can’t be addressed or solved by just one actor. It will require partnerships between the public and private sector, nonprofits, and individuals to make real change in the world and achieve global goals. In the midst […]

Crossroads International adapts and bolsters fundraising and outreach efforts during COVID-19

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Charitable giving in Canada has decreased across provinces and territories over the past several years – and the U.S. has seen similar challenges. While there have been small increases year-over-year in the U.S., both countries are now encountering the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic in different public health and economic capacities. While the projections […]

Leveraging Global Impact to facilitate your company’s international grant making

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Has your company or corporate foundation explored international grant making? If so, did you realize you weren’t sure how to go about getting started? Were you concerned about the risk to your business, or did words such as “equivalency determination” stop you in your tracks? You are not alone. In June 2020, a manufacturing company […]

Inside workplace giving – The importance of teamwork and the right tools

Inside workplace giving Part 2

Continued from part 1 – Inside workplace giving – Fostering philanthropic connections even while apart In 1998, Global Impact launched [email protected] to exercise our own best practices for workplace giving. To date, Global Impact employees have generously pledged over $1.2 million for local, national and international charities. In 2020 alone, with a pandemic sweeping the […]

Inside workplace giving – Fostering philanthropic connections even while apart

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As we adapt to the changing workplace, it is evident that organizations will need to find innovative tools to boost employee engagement and, in turn, increase morale. COVID-19 has forced most offices to go remote – leaving many employees feeling isolated. How do we empower employees to do their best and increase team engagement in […]

Establishing food security, economic stability during a pandemic

A beneficiary working in the Good Food Grocer farm in the Philippines.

Back in December, well before COVID-19 had taken a firm hold on the world, our numbers showed that more than 820 million people suffered from hunger. And now, according to the United Nations, that number is set to double because of the pandemic. The pandemic is, primarily, a global health issue. So why is it […]

The journey to social impact: We all hit bumps in the road

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Social impact can be defined in many ways, but ultimately all definitions share a few common elements — a net positive effect and one that addresses a social challenge in the community, enhancing the well-being of individuals and families. Today, our journey to social impact is even more pressing, and I want to make the […]