Walk through the life of a girl who is given the tools and access to transform her future with the help of Plan International USA.

Plan International USA (Plan) is a global organization that works to advance girls’ rights and overcome oppression and gender inequality. Its approach is rooted in local ownership and letting girls lead the way. With over 240 local field offices designing collaborative and inclusive programs, Plan’s work involves girls at every step, is community-led and creates a sustainable and far-reaching impact.

This work is holistic and covers so many different points in a girl’s life that it can be hard to truly visualize how these programs operate. Let’s take an illustrative look at how Plan invests in gender equality throughout a girl’s lifetime across its five key impact areas (maternal and child health, education, gender and youth equality, skills and work, and humanitarian response).

The story below follows the lifetime of a fictional girl growing up with Plan’s support – and how that support leads to a better future for her, her family and her community. This account reflects the experiences of many girls who have and are growing up with Plan’s programs to guide them.

A mother helps her daughter with schoolwork.

A girl raises her hand to answer a question in class.

A girl raises her fist.

These kinds of changes in social norms will live on for generations to come. Plan invests in the power and insight of girls today so that our Mia has a safe, secure and bright future – and so her children will, too.

See a real life example of Plan’s work in gender and youth equality here.

A girl speaks into a microphone.

A mother and her daughter sit together wearing masks.

Supporting women and girls
Change happens when girls are empowered and included in plans for their future. All of these different investments in women and girls are happening around the world and across a girl’s life thanks to Plan. While this piece focused on gender equality throughout an individual’s life, Plan does so much to foster change at the family, community and societal level, too. Learn more about the details of this work by visiting Plan’s Expertise page and its page on GirlEngage.

If you are inspired by the life-changing work Plan is doing around the world, we have two great ways you can help:

  • Give to Plan in your employee giving program. If you are a federal employee, you can find them in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) by searching Plan International USA or using their CFC #12083.
  • Don’t have an employee giving program? Donate to our Women and Girls thematic fund that features Plan International USA.

For more ideas on how to work with Plan for your workplace giving, reach out to us today!