During a Lunch and Learn with Global Impact and KPMG LLP on Dec. 18, 2018, JP Morgan Chase staff learned more about the steps to consider when pursing a corporate social responsibility plan and charitable endeavors around the globe.

Global Impact Managing Director Kathleen Lowenthal and KPMG Development & Exempt Organizations Manager Audie McRae shared findings from the 2018 Giving Global Matrix: Tax, Fiduciary and Philanthropic Requirements, a report examining the tax, fiduciary and philanthropic requirements in 60 countries across North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Global Impact worked with KPMG to compile a snapshot of the complex and varied tax laws that incentivize and disincentivize giving in the surveyed countries, as well as the requirements to consider in order to accelerate and amplify philanthropic giving around the world. The report addresses 10 questions, providing an overall assessment of the climate for philanthropy in each country surveyed.

Participants were given an overview of the different approaches regions and countries are taking to the philanthropic landscape; background on relevant laws governing who can receive deductions and where tax-exempt donations can be sent and applied; and details on the opportunities and challenges to receiving favorable tax incentives for philanthropic work abroad. Participants were particularly interested in the ever-changing and unclear requirements in India and China, and they sought to better understand the philanthropic landscape around the world, including increasing trends in fostering this landscape.

The full or regional reports are available. In order to facilitate ongoing research efforts, Global Impact requests that corporations consider making a donation when downloading.

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This article is part of the January 2019 issue of Global Impact’s campaign enewsletter.