Global Impact is committed to the health and safety of our staff, partners and their loved ones. We have been closely monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organization and adhering to all recommendations. We are especially attuned to this unprecedented situation not only for our communities, but also for the individuals at the heart of our mission – the world’s most vulnerable.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns with staff and partners, practicing proper hygiene, and otherwise doing our part to mitigate the spread of the disease, Global Impact is dedicated to inspiring all means of greater giving. To that end, we are actively focused on assisting and promoting our partners during this critical time. Our philanthropic response includes:

Launching the Coronavirus Outbreak Fund to support charities in our alliance who are responding domestically and internationally to the pandemic.
Informing companies of the ways in which they can respond – and how Global Impact can help.
Advising and providing services for our nonprofit partners based on their fundraising needs.

Read our press release on COVID-19.


Global Impact’s operational response to COVID-19

For the health of our employees and as part of our efforts to minimize community spread, Global Impact has limited business travel and our offices closed beginning March 13. All staff will telework until further notice. Fortunately, we are well positioned to continue our services virtually and do not expect any major disruptions to our work. Other implications are as follows:

While we enjoy hosting our partners and opening our office space for use, we will temporarily refrain from this practice.
Staff will communicate with their respective partner contacts to transfer in-person meetings to a virtual forum and we encourage our partners to do the same.
Contingencies are in place to send and receive business mail and packages.
Due to the fluctuating nature of this situation, we will continue to monitor and adjust operational procedures as needed.