Want to get involved with workplace giving but unsure where to turn? Frantic over finding time to fill in those applications and state certification forms? Doomed by missed registration deadlines?

If you’ve ever wished you had a team of skilled, knowledgeable professionals to handle these types of details on your behalf, partnering with you to ensure completion and eligibility… look no further! The Client Services team of Global Impact provides these services and offers everything you need and more.

Global Impact is an ever growing, evolving organization committed to inspiring greater giving, meeting needs and bridging gaps to support private, nonprofit and public sector clients. Initially founded in 1956, by four international charities that realized the benefits of joining together to form a federation for workplace giving, Global Impact has expanded its campaign engagement significantly over the past 66 years to become a respected leader in the field of charitable giving. With the Combined Federal Campaign, as well as local, state and private sector workplace giving campaigns, today Global Impact represents member charities in nearly 300 campaigns around the country.

Now back to Global Impact’s Client Services team, formerly known as Charity Services. Along with the new name of Client Services comes a continued tradition of providing high quality, tailored services and strategically focused programs designed to build new and deepen existing corporate and nonprofit partnerships.

The Client Services team is ready to help you with any of the following services and more…

State Registration for Tax-Exempt Fundraising
Although the IRS regulates tax-exempt status, many states have specific registration laws and regulations that organizations must follow to be eligible to fundraise or participate in campaigns established by the individual state government. In fact, 37 states as well as Washington, D.C., require charitable registration, with many having annual re-certification requirements. And depending on the circumstances, some require corporate registrations or an exemption.

Client Services offers state registration services to help nonprofits ensure compliance with state and local solicitation laws, including those governing employee giving campaigns. This is a service Global Impact has provided for over 20 years.

The team helps clients ensure compliance, alleviates clients’ internal burden of tracking registration deadlines and steps in on behalf of clients to complete, prepare and file the necessary registration documents. The team also works to reduce clients’ risk and assists with keeping their registrations in good standing.

Client Services will also:

  • Track due dates and statuses of charitable and corporate registrations.
  • Complete registration/renewal forms and forward them to you for review and signature.
  • Ensure timely submission of renewals and request extensions on your behalf in states where they are allowed.
  • Maximize workplace giving revenue and compliance with state applications.
  • Respond to all correspondence from state officials, including request for follow-up information and late fees.
  • Share real-time status updates through a centralized system for all state registrations on your behalf.
  • Coordinate registered agents for your charity upon request.

You are only responsible for:

  • Providing Client Services with accurate, up-to-date information including any organizational changes as they occur.
  • Providing Client Services with an updated IRS Form 990 and audited financial statements immediately after the close of each fiscal year.
  • Reviewing completed registration forms and providing signatures to our team in a timely manner.

To find out the benefits of state registration or to decide if it’s right for your nonprofit organization, read Fundraising compliance 101: 6 things you should know about state registration and Increasing fundraising footprint through state registration.

Annual Certification
Annual Certification happens each fall for new and returning Charity Alliance members. Charities certify that they continue to meet Global Impact’s criteria for partnership and provide the information that Global Impact needs to apply to campaigns on behalf of each member for each campaign year. The Global Impact Board of Directors approves Charity Alliance partners in January. During the process of certification, Client Services verifies each member’s compliance with campaign regulatory requirements. This information is also used to strategically market campaign partners.

CFC & Workplace Giving Campaign Application Completion
Campaign application completion starts as early as November and lasts until June of the following year. Client Services works on the charity’s behalf, determining the charity partner’s participation, prefilling all forms, and collecting and maintaining relevant client documentation, only requiring signatures from the charity partner.

Employee Assistance Programs
Employee assistance programs, also known as EAPs, are funds which are typically a combination of tax-deductible employee donations and match funds established by companies to support their employees in times of disaster or personal hardship. It is a vehicle that allows employees to help themselves and each other during disasters and creates a workforce that feels supported.

Client Services provides EAP assistance to corporations regarding program management, client support, application review and award recommendation to ensure eligible employees needing assistance receive funds from the account in a timely manner.

See how two of Global Impact’s current EAP clients are supporting their employees in times of disaster or hardship:
Providing support during the COVID-19 crisis to employees who need it most.
Implementing a corporate program to form partnerships and fundraise for disaster response worldwide.

Client Services’ New Technological Features
Other features Client Services introduced this year include technological upgrades and new software and website platforms for efficiency with state registration. The team is now using a newly developed, customized platform specifically for state registrations that has created a more streamlined registration process.

They have merged current partner donation data into a new, robust platform offering improved donor reporting. And they are currently utilizing a new client platform for developing, launching and managing EAP application submission portals.

What You Can Expect from Client Services
When asked what to expect when working with Client Services, Priti Derrick, Senior Director of Client Services, shared that the new name of Client Services reflects the enhancement and expansion of services now offered by the team, and is inclusive of all clients and audiences, including external clients who are now eligible for their ever-growing list of services.

Furthermore, anyone interacting with the Client Services team will continue to experience outstanding service in a highly efficient manner with new, innovative, intuitive technological platforms and quality, expert client support that ensures program compliance and brings reassurance and peace of mind to all organizations they assist and represent.

Given the updates, additional client opportunities and expansion of services, the evolution of Charity Services to Client Services extends far beyond a name change.

For more information about Global Impact’s Client Services team offerings, email [email protected]rg or visit charity.org.