When we first began thinking about launching the Give Global Blog, our team discussed concerns about whether we would have enough content. Looking back at 2020, that fear now seems laughable, considering we posted more than 100 articles!

It’s no surprise that much of our content over the last year was centered on the COVID-19 pandemic. A pervasive issue for people everywhere, the coronavirus was understandably one of the top searched items on Google.

For Global Impact, working through a worldwide pandemic meant having staff work remotely – even to this day. Our fundraising strategies had to be modified for a virtual landscape. And our client support took on new perspectives with a greater focus on areas like Employee Assistance Programs.

Although our blog posts are sometimes specific to the time in which they are shared, much of our content is still relevant or easy to apply to where we are today. So, in the spirit of looking back as we also look forward, here are a few of our top 2020 posts that may still be helpful today:

9 blog posts of 2020 that are still relevant today

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  5. How to inspire employee giving with a virtual campaign
  6. Pivoting to virtual CFC events – and 5 tips for you to do the same
  7. Communication tips for a powerful (yet thoughtful) campaign during COVID-19
  8. Employee assistance programs & COVID-19: What you need to know
  9. Leveraging fiscal sponsorship for social justice with Global Impact