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Coronavirus Information and Resources

Updated April 27, 2021

As daily life and philanthropy around the world continue to evolve in response to COVID-19, Global Impact remains committed to the health and safety of our staff, partners and their loved ones. We are especially attuned to this unprecedented situation affecting our local communities, as well as the individuals at the heart of our mission – the world’s most vulnerable.

As our team works to support our partners across the nonprofit and private sectors, we have compiled information into one central location for easy access to the resources most relevant to your needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns – we are here to help you meet your objectives now and into the future.

Access the matrix and report >>

Global Impact, supported by KPMG LLP, has released new research, the "COVID-19 Regulatory and Response Matrix," and a summary report, which detail international giving in the time of COVID-19 through a centralized source of information on 138 countries and territories across the globe. 

Take a deeper look at this matrix through our COVID-19 international giving guide blog series:

Global Impact’s Charity Alliance partners are making a real difference in the midst of hard times.

Many of us are looking forward to getting vaccinated and returning to a more normal way of life; however, with more than 145 million confirmed cases and over 3 million deaths, COVID-19 is still seriously affecting many low-resource countries that need our support. In particular, India is simultaneously facing an alarming rise in case numbers and a shortage of critical supplies like oxygen and ventilators.

Meanwhile, the global vaccine rollout – a vital component of our strategy to defeat COVID-19 – has been unequal, especially in low-income countries. This uneven distribution of vaccines will likely continue as we face ongoing challenges such as reaching rural populations and access to knowledge and technology. 

Once again, our Charity Alliance partners are responding to these threats: They are working in India and around the world mitigating and treating COVID-19; delivering medical and protective supplies to health care workers; providing hunger relief; assisting businesses with containment and continuity strategies; and addressing vaccine access and the needs of health systems ahead of vaccination campaigns. 

Global Impact’s COVID-19 Relief Fund has provided over $1 million in relief funding for COVID-19, supporting nonprofits that are combatting COVID-19, working toward a peoples’ vaccine and continuing other vital services during this pandemic.

Give to the COVID-19 Relief Fund today and help advance these relief and recovery efforts for those impacted.


Other resources

Global Impact's Operational Response

For the health of our employees and as part of our efforts to minimize community spread, Global Impact has limited business travel and our offices closed beginning March 13. All staff will telework until further notice. Fortunately, we are well positioned to continue our services virtually and do not expect any major disruptions to our work. Other implications are as follows:

  • While we enjoy hosting our partners and opening our office space for use, we will temporarily refrain from this practice.
  • Staff will communicate with their respective partner contacts to transfer in-person meetings to a virtual forum and we encourage our partners to do the same.
  • Contingencies are in place to send and receive business mail and packages.

Due to the fluctuating nature of this situation, we will continue to monitor and adjust operational procedures as needed.



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