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A humanitarian medical aid organization providing high-quality healthcare to families in crises, partnering with local medical organizations and conducting research and innovation to improve aid.



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Mothers sitting with their newborns in the pediatric wing
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Mr. Duong Vibol / Health Volunteers Overseas

World Health Day is one of the top recognized cause awareness days! In honor of the upcoming day, here’s a spotlight on a few of our Charity Alliance partners making great strides in global health.

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Cora Portais / ALIMA

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© Seyba Keita / ALIMA / Mali

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Ricci Shryock / ALIMA

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Malnutrition in Mali
Photo Credit

Seyba Keita / ALIMA

Fifteen-month-old Bintou was first admitted to an outpatient treatment program at a community health center in Commune I of Bamako, Mali, suffering from malnutrition. Despite being monitored by the ALIMA and its local partner AMCP-SP (Medical Alliance Against Malaria - Population Health), Bintou was not gaining weight. The medical teams decided to hospitalize her and she was admitted to the Intensive Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit (URENI) at a referral health center in Commune I of Bamako. In this picture, a nutritional assistant gives Bintou therapeutic milk, which is specially designed for severely malnourished children suffering from complications, who require hospitalization.



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