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Photo Credit
Sophie Nasrallah, MERATH & World Renew

WORLD RENEW: COVID-19 Hygiene Response with Refugees

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, World Renew has mobilized its response around the world, delivering hygiene kits, virus prevention materials, and conducting hygiene education to minimize the spread of the virus. A key area of focus for the organization has been protecting refugees from the virus, like the Syrian refugee communities in Lebanon and the Rohingya refugee communities in Bangladesh. In 2020, World Renew delivered 21,246 bars of soap, 80,693 lbs. of food, 14,360 masks, and 5,748 bottles of hand sanitizer to those experiencing need. With very limited access to a vaccine in the areas where World Renew works, these efforts will continue throughout 2021.



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