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Photo Credit
WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

WATERAID: Ifaliana, 8, washing herself outside her house in Antanetike

“Before we went nearby the rice field down the hill to fetch water or wash ourselves. Now we no longer have to, as we have taps nearby.” Ifaliana, 8, washing herself outside her house in Antanetikely village, Tsimialona Fokontany, Fihaonana commune, Analamanga region, Madagascar, February 2019. With support from Wessex Water, WaterAid has reached more people inside Fihaonana commune in the Analamanga district with clean water, decent sanitation and hygiene education. Fihaonana and Ankazobe areas are two of the areas in Madagascar with the highest level of chronic malnutrition, which affects mainly children, and the lack of clean drinking water used to worsen the situation. WaterAid has implemented adequate and sustainable gravity-fed schemes which feed fountains, sanitation blocks equipped with toilets, showers and handwashing stations in communities, schools and health centres in Fihaonana villages. Since then, things have changed in these villages. Local leaders and authorities, health centre workers and teachers, local technicians and communities have been involved since the beginning of the project, and have received training in order to manage the systems and sustain all the behaviour change learned and practised during the implementation of this Wessex Water funded two-year project in the Fihaonana commune.



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