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Marko Kokic/UNICEF
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UNICEF USA: Girls' Education in Afghanistan

Third grade students sitting outdoors during their classes at the Bodyalai girls’ school, Bodyalai village, Kuz Kunar district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, 9 April 2019. Happy to be at school, these students enrolled in first grade in 2016 — the first students to come back after a bomb destroyed the school a year prior. "UNICEF responded immediately and... I hope UNICEF continues its support to this school,” says Mohammad Jawad, the principal. Education for girls in many areas in Afghanistan is banned or threatened, due to ongoing conflict and the high risk of bombings and explosions — many parents do not want to send their daughters to school. Bodyalai, which opened in 1968 as both a boys' and girls' school, first closed in 1979 during the Afghan-Soviet war. The school re-opened in 1992, when villagers started returning to their homes and demand increased. There are currently 968 girls studying at Bodyalai under the tents and temporary outdoor spaces established by UNICEF.



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