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MOAS (MIGRANT OFFSHORE AID STATION): Flood and Water Safety Training

In Bangladesh, MOAS continued to support Rohingya refugees and host communities in Cox’s Bazar. The year started off with great anticipation of plans to build on the success of our Flood and Water Safety Training in 2019 by expanding the project to incorporate the local fishing community.This year’s course facilitated the training of 700 Rohingya refugees and 860 host community members in Ukhia and Teknaf. We were also able to fulfil our plans of enhancing the training to the local fishing community. Through directly engaging with fishermen in the Teknaf Peninsula, an area where fishing is a vital livelihood and food source, MOAS provided a basic maritime safety and rescue course, known as Water Safety and Livelihood Practice, to them. This year’s training equipped 800 fishermen with the necessary skills to perform rescues for anyone in distress at sea, be better prepared for emergency situations and work in increased safety.
In 2021 we will continue to undertake our Flood and Water Safety Training programme, through which our team in Cox’s Bazar will train Rohingya and host community volunteers to act as first responders in the event of a water-related emergency and to manage the after-effects of flooding.



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