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MOAS (MIGRANT OFFSHORE AID STATION): Famine relief supplies to vulnerable communities in Yemen

Building on our shipments of pharmaceutical and famine relief supplies to vulnerable communities in Yemen in 2019, throughout 2020, we coordinated two more shipments of Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) to our partners ADRA Yemen, as well as a shipment of 70,000 euros worth of pharmaceutical aid. In 2020 we expanded our reach even further, as we coordinated our first ever shipment of humanitarian aid to Somalia, a country also mired by pervasive conflict and extensive food insecurity. Once again partnering with Edesia Nutrition, we successfully shipped 25 tonnes of Plumpy Sup™, a nutritional supplement specially formulated for children suffering or at risk of suffering from acute malnutrition to our newest local partner International Medical Corps Somalia. In 2021 we will persevere with our efforts to send vital shipments of humanitarian aid to Yemen and Somalia.



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