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INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC.: Former refugee distributes meals to his community

Adam Abakar, originally from Sudan, fled to Chad around 2005. There he lived in a refugee camp until he was resettled by the IRC in Elizabeth, NJ in 2015 with his brother and sister. Before COVID Adam was a truck drive but he decided to stop working out of state and stay closer to home to his younger siblings. He took the job with the WCK response because he needed a part time job but was also interested in serving his community. His brother and sister are concerned for his safety but they are supportive of his work and they even help him decontaminate after he comes home from work.

Launched in early April 2020, the IRC’s partnership with World Central Kitchen and Elizabeth’s municipal leadership had provided over 100,000 meals to food insecure communities in Elizabeth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on the IRC’s partnership with World Central Kitchen in New York, two sites were identified in Elizabeth to serve the high volume of IRC households and immigrant communities in the city. One site is managed by the City of Elizabeth and the other by the IRC, with each site distributing 2,150 meals per day, for a total of 4,300 daily meals in Elizabeth. Food typically includes 1,000 cold meals per day, usually a sandwich or salad, and 1,000 microwave ready meals, like macaroni and cheese with chicken, rice, or vegetables. Meals usually include a protein, starch, and vegetable. 150 halal meals are prepared by The Migrant Kitchen for distribution each day as well. Fruit, when available, is included in pickups. The IRC’s site is strengthened by IRC clients who have been hired to soften the economic blow of COVID-19.



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