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INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS: A New Start for Kimberly and Her Siblings

Kimberly grew up learning how to fight and to steal. Raised in poverty by her mother and grandmother who were both addicts, they taught her to steal her food from stores and other kids’ backpacks. Kimberly was frequently left alone with her two younger siblings for days at a time. Finally, when Kimberly was 7 1/2 years old, her neighbors reported the situation, and the three children were taken to Kids Kingdom Orphanage. Kimberly has been at Kids Kingdom for 18 months and is adjusting to her new life very well. She lovingly takes care of her two younger siblings. She rarely attended school before and now is working hard to catch up to her peers. She really enjoys her classes and most of all, just loves being a kid. At Kids Kingdom, she can play her favorite games every day like tag, relay races and swinging from the jungle gym! “The orphanage is beautiful. We’re a family and all the activities we do together are fun. They take good care of me and the food is good,” said Kimberly.



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